social media hates ex-lgbt

social media hates ex-lgbt

  • April 13, 2022
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How trustworthy is the UK Government? How safe can people feel under this governing? How much understanding do they have regarding the implications of a “conversion therapy” ban?

These are some questions that resound in our minds in X-Out-Loud, as following the Government’s U-turn that just happened last week.

It’s disturbing to watch a government change its mind twice in 24 hours. The body supposed to lead a nation is revealed to be a circus where they are just trying to please the wide big mouths that claim to be the victims. All of that in a country that pretends to be democratic, while unashamedly and with no reservation trying to silence our voices, accusing us both of lying and practicing “conversion therapy”, which we neither do, nor support.

Also last week it was announced in the news that more than 100 groups quit the LGBT conference Safe to be Me, which eventually led to the its cancelling. The reason they quit is not that they stopped supporting the LGBT agenda, but because an LGB ban only, having the transgender removed, is not satisfying them. Now the government is in a difficult position since it doesn’t know what it stands for and how confident they are in the science that they claim supports the ban. 

Despite that, the voices of former LGBT people continue to be ignored. These voices are not only ignored, but are despised.

There was more news about the work that we do, that is our ‘harmful and hateful’ work, with a certain emphasis on our social media accounts. The journalist referred to our TikTok account and quoted the full message that I had placed in a video post there. The good thing is that the encouraging Christ-centred message has gone out. The bad news is that the account was removed by TikTok permanently and immediately, without any notice or warning.

So where does the hatred, and the bullying, and the discrimination belong? On which side is it? Not even mentioning that according to the UK’s Equality Act of 2010, ex-gay people are protected by law (parag. 98), since this category functions as a protected characteristic. But apparently the High Court ruling that established this is nothing more than words. Nobody cares that we’re daily insulted whenever we share our stories, or that our jobs or studies are put in danger when we say that we are no longer gay.

People get so offended that we don’t comply to the culture of this world. They are so offended when they are told that we follow Jesus and therefore our sexual confusion has been resolved and is transforming. And their faces literally change when they hear that Jesus can heal and deliver from homosexuality.

They act and react like that when they too fight against hatred and discrimination. These are the same people and the same governments that assert that we live in democratic countries. Weirdly enough, some of the people that trumpet “my body, my choice” restrict “my choice” to the killing of babies. Mutilating one’s body by injecting hormones of the opposite sex or, worse, undertaking sex-change surgeries as a “solution” for their problems apparently doesn’t represent a personal choice. There is a distorted logic here that the government seems to support.

For those out there asking themselves why it is so necessary for our voices to be heard, why we are crying out about ex-LGBT regularly, my answer is that because soon they will withdraw from you the right to raise children according to your values. Soon great persecution will be coming for whoever will not conform to what they, the big LGBT promoters and activists, dictate.

They want genderless children. They want to control the population. They say we are brainwashed when that’s exactly what they want to do to us.

But they will never manage to silence the truth. They may close our social media accounts but can never cancel our testimonies. We exist. Our stories are real. The truth of Jesus can never be silenced, because it’s the power of God for salvation.

Will you stand up for us?

We had opened another TikTok account, but they removed it again, this time along with my personal account with thousands of followers and millions of views. We hope you will remember how ‘free’ and ‘democratic’ TikTok is.

Share this article on your Facebook on our behalf (since they removed us from there), show everyone what is happening in the secret, behind close doors, where common people don’t have access. And subscribe to our news if you haven’t done it yet.

Also, we’re planning a big event very soon, and we need a lot of support and prayer. If you feel led to get involved you can donate here via Core Issues Trust and pray that we’d continue in boldness and confidence, despite the denial of our existence and persecution.

More details will be available soon.

Thank You!

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