Letter to the Church of England

Letter to the Church of England

  • November 7, 2023
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Hi, thanks for stopping by! We really appreciate your time to read this short message!

We have a story to share with you.

We all come from a background of emotional brokenness and confusion about our sexual and gender identity. We’ve explored different ways and tried many things in the hope of becoming comfortable and fulfilled with ourselves. 

Many of us have been through suicidal thoughts in the desire to not live anymore due to the internal tumult and empty promises that we’ve heard around us and in the media, “accept yourself”, “you were born that way”, “it’s just who you are, embrace it”. 

That lifestyle only brought more and more damage to our mental and emotional lives. It left scars that are still healing to this day. 

But another thing that we all have in common is a spiritual awakening. We all have had a deep personal encounter with Jesus Christ, not in the way religion portrays it, but in a completely different, relational and intimate way. 

Ever since our encounters, we’ve embarked on a different journey of self-discovery as God, Jesus Christ, started to reveal to us the purpose we were made for – to be united with Him -, and the way we were created – in His image. 

On this journey we came to peace with our sex; from the turmoil and desire to change and manipulate our appearance we came to see the beauty and purpose in the sex God assigned to us at conception. We started to appreciate and grasp the beauty of who God made us to be, as male and female, and to acknowledge that it is good.

God’s Word, the Bible, became the place that reads us as we read it. We learnt that transformation is possible and that desires can change as the Holy Spirit renews our minds. Without Jesus, there would be indeed no hope for change, but with Him we don’t have to live under the heaviness of unwanted same-sex attraction because there is hope and power available for each one who seeks healing for the heart, restoration of an authentic view of male and female, and of self. 

We are saddened to see that the Church of England wants to change God’s beautiful standards of sexuality – the perfection in which He created every single one of us as to desire a union with the opposite sex and become one – a journey that we ourselves are growing in. Changing God’s Word to fit the same narratives and things we tried in the past in order to come to peace with ourselves and failed is deeply concerning. Such a view will only keep people who struggle with unwanted same-sex attraction bound in their undesired addictions and brokenness, without a way towards wholeness, transformation and hope.

There is no condemnation from our side for anyone, our circumstances all vary. But we choose to stand for what the Bible says and for those who, as a consequence of the Church of England’s actions, will be abandoned and sentenced to a lifestyle they don’t want. 

There is no freedom to choose when there is only one option and that to embrace unwanted desires. What about those who want to pursue a Christian living with a pure conscience according to the unchanging doctrine of God?

Will you support our mission? 

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