give me a chance

Royal Seed Music (Matthew Grech) with Faith Child, Mike Aremu and Purist Evans Ogboi perform in Westminster, remembering the 9M unborn killed since 1967 in the UK, the ex-gays denied the right to self-identification and those Christians dying in Northern Nigeria at the hands of Islamic extremists.

Matthew Grech - Give Me A Chance (Pro-Life Anthem) ft. Stevey EB & Louise Varming

USA Equality Bill (2019) Repercussions - Dr Carys Moseley

Angel Colon and Luis Javier Ruiz - Defending Ex-LGBT at the Spanish Embassy

Journey out of homosexual practices, sexual abuse and lust through the power of Christ

Angel and Luis share how tragedy was used to help shape their lives in Christ

Angel Colon (Pulse Nightclub Survivor) finds true faith

Luis J Ruiz (Pulse Nightclub survirvor) comes home to Christ

Therapy bans and the church - Dr Carys Moseley (UK)