We can't wait to share our stories of redemption with you! We believe that they will inspire you and bring hope and light into your own circumstances.

Janine Frackowiak

Ex-Lesbian, Germany

Peter Benjamin

Ex-Transgender, UK

Simon Freelove

Ex-Gay, UK

Arthur La Motta

Ex-Gay, USA

Dávid Gertner

Ex-Gay, Hungary

Aleksandra Leśnik

Ex-Lesbian, Poland


Ex-Gay, UK

Libby Littlewood

Ex-Transgender, UK

Matthew Grech

Ex-Gay, Malta

Victor Novițchi

Ex-Gay, Moldova


Ex-Gay, Italy


We are honoured to have Carlos speaking at Unashamed! Carlos lived a homosexual life for many years, until he received the revelation of the power of death and resurrection of Jesus. He now has a happy marriage with his wife and shares at different events and conferences about the beautiful ongoing work that Jesus has accomplished in him. 

Carlos has written “Inexplicable”, which is a book about surrendering and letting Jesus becoming the Lord of your life. It’s available in Spanish at the moment and can be ordered here.

Watch Carlos’s live testimony on X-Out-Loud here!

Carlos Catari

Ex-Gay, Author, Speaker, Canada

What is Unashamed?


UNASHAMED is an X-Out-Loud (XOL) event, where members of XOL will come together to share their testimonies of leaving LGBT identities or lifestyles, following a personal encounter with Jesus. Our heart is to raise awareness around the issues of "conversion therapy", unwanted same-sex attraction and gender confusion.

We are living proof that there is freedom in the Lord Jesus. We are calling churches to come together to celebrate those who now live  out their new identities in Christ. We are out and loud! We exist and we are not ashamed of our past – that is not who we are any more. We’re unashamed of the gospel of Jesus, for it is the power of God for salvation.

Come and meet real people with stories of overcoming addiction, gender confusion, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, sexual confusion, loneliness, fear, rejection etc.

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