We are X-Out-Loud…


A thriving European community, celebrating the transformation and freedom men and women find when they voluntarily choose to leave unwanted same-sex or gender identities.


As a movement, we empower people from all walks of life to express the change they experience, restoring their God-given dignity. We encourage the same to reject any labelling imposed on them by others.



We believe in the sanctity of the biblical family model – which we understand as one man and one woman in holy matrimony. For this reason, we believe men and women from every culture who aspire to live accordingly should receive adequate support, together with recognition, honour and respect.


Furthermore, everyone should have the freedom and right to seek to reduce sexual or gender feelings or behaviours:


–  To preserve their marriage and family, so that they may go on being lifetime mothers and fathers as they desire.


–  To live lives that are consistent with their deeply held values and beliefs.


–  To find freedom from past traumas they don’t feel they had a choice over.


–  We are convinced that to take these freedoms and rights away from those seeking such support is both harmful and unjust. They, not politicians or activists in mental health professions, should make their own choices.


– Speak the truth in love, boldly and fearlessly.

– Recognise the ideological basis of sexual politics that promotes gender fluidity.

– Promote their experience of change as individuals who witness transformation personally as an on-going process. Respect the opinions of those who hold different views and who express their views differently.

– Value research and scientific endeavour that seeks to clarify understanding of human sexuality.

– Acknowledge the value of change-allowing counselling and therapy for those who seek it.

– Encourage those seeking professional support to work with those who reject the mainstream narrative of a fixed and unchangeable sexual orientation.