Barclays Pays Ex-LGBT £20,000 after Hypocritical Discrimination

Barclays Pays Ex-LGBT £20,000 after Hypocritical Discrimination

  • July 4, 2023
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Barclays Decided Ex-LGBT Must Not Have a Bank Account.

As many of you might know, X-Out-Load, like The IFTCC, is a Core Issues Trust (CIT) project. Basically, it is funded and sustained by CET, which is a Christian ministry that supports those leaving LGBT identities, behaviours and life choices and campaigns for their freedom to access help. 

Three years ago, Barclays simply closed both CIT’s and IFTCC’s bank accounts under pressure from LGBT activists. It’s common knowledge that Barclays is a great supporter of LGBT and its Pride campaigns, suggesting they stand for freedom and tolerance for all. 

Ironically, after closing the bank account of an ex-LGBT ministry and being asked what the reason for that was, they refused to give any explanation and only claimed they had the right to do so.  Also, at the time, more than 70.000 people signed a petition on Citizen Go, opposing this shut-down and asked Barclays to restore our bank account. 

We took them to court and three years later, with the help of the Christian Legal Centre, and on 30th May we won. We won because we accepted Barclays’ offer of a settlement of over 20K pounds paid to CIT, which is more than CIT had asked.

Why did they pay more?

In other words, Barclays said, “We’re going to silence you, because we simply don’t like you and want all our customers forced to be forcibly subject to LGBT indoctrination. Since you stand in the way, we will close your accounts”. And then, when called out for their discrimination and illegality, they tried to cover their backs by saying, in other words, “Ok, we’re going to pay you several thousands of pounds, since for you, as a Christian ministry it must be enough. We’re drowning in money anyway, and hopefully you’re going to shut up and everyone will just forget about it.” 

Well, the reality is that people didn’t ‘just forget about it’ and started to speak up about Barclays’ favouritism and promotion of the woke agenda. 

Moreover, people like us, who have left LGBT because that’s what we wanted, are not going to be silent about it, because you cannot bury the truth, and, believe it or not, God is standing for the righteous.

On the 29th of June we gathered in front of Barclays headquarters in Canary Wharf, London, and gave witness to what Jesus has done in our lives and how corrupt banks like Barclays try to shut us down.

Banks are simply banks. They should do their job in providing banking services to their customers. Banks must not have any say in the political arena.

We call Barclays out for discriminating against people who are not part of LGBT. They should be ashamed for using their financial power to silence the voices of those they don’t agree with.

The Lord God will judge them and their money with them, for deliberately choosing to stand against righteousness and trying to take away the freedom of seeking help of those in need of it.

Pray that the Lord will use this event and all the follow ups to open more doors to expose the hypocrisy and dark agenda behind Barclays and those like it. 

Pray that the Lord Himself will deal with Barclays and strech out His hand against such a corrupt and perverse institution. 

Pray for those who need help to navigate through their sexual and gender confusion and emotional wounds that their right to seek and receive help will not be hindered. 

Pray for X-Out-Loud and CIT as we continue to speak up and be a voice for those voiceless and isolated in their struggles.

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